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Wow. It's in list form.

April 19th, 2000 - Fellowship of the Z is founded by wayward. He is the only member.
April 28th, 2000 - Xibeck joins FotZ right before wayward is about to give up on ZZT and FotZ completely.
May 14th, 2000 - FotZ's web page begins construction.
May 16th, 2000 - TimeWaster becomes the 3rd member of The Fellowship.
June 12th, 2000 - Wayward has a crisis involving the deletion of his main project and lack of communication with some members of FotZ. He is about to kill the company until he talks to Hercules and Timewaster and has a change of heart.
June 14th, 2000 - A red letter day for FotZ. The Fellowship grows by two members, Redmage and ZZTyrant, increasing the number to five. The company finally reached enough members to actually be considered a company.
June 16th, 2000 - The IF24ahozzt occurs. FotZ finished 3rd in the company contest, and ZZTyrant was in the top 10.
July 9th, 2000 - FotZ's first game is released, "Gundam Wing: Episode 1", by Redmage.
July 17th, 2000 - Wayward decides to increase FotZ's total membership from seven members to nine.
July 24th, 2000 - Another zzter joins FotZ's ranks, Where's Waldo, a very welcome addition.
July 26th, 2000 - FotZ's second game is released, "Octagon", by wayward.
July 28th, 2000 - The Fellowship reaches seven members with Atrocity(the artist formerly known as PresHGSI)'s joining.
August 13, 2000 - ZZTbot joins the Fellowship.
August 20, 2000 - Timewaster leaves FotZ...truly a sad day in the company's history. Also, the FotZ25hozzt begins.
August 26, 2000 - The results of the first ever FotZ25hozzt have been published, and ZZTbot is the winner! The results can be found here.
September 3, 2000 - FotZ DIES.
September 5, 2000 - FotZ is reformed by ZZTyrant, who is the president and only member.
September 17, 2000 - FotZ grows to two members with the joining of Raichu0079.
September 20, 2000 - FotZ gains yet another member, Zeiram.
January 14, 2001 - The Fellowship's first major contest goes up - Survivor of the 1337357, hosted by ZZTyrant.
January 15, 2001 - ZZTer mini-maul joins the company as it begins to become more well-known.
January 28, 2001 - Apple McTom joins FotZ, and the first Survivor of the 1337357 contest draws to a close.
January 29, 2001 - New member Apple McTom releases Battle Maze Advanced under FotZ.
January 30, 2001 - Mini-Maul leaves the company to start his own company with Waaaghboy, CoZ - Conquerors of ZZT. FotZ is reduced to four members.
March 4, 2001 - After several aggravated emails sent to the president of FotZ about not putting his new game up on the website, Apple McTom quits the company. ZZTyrant finally replies to these emails too late and also updates the website a bit.