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Read about FotZ's members and former members here.

ZZTyrant : (6/14/2000 - 9/3/2000), (9/5/2000 -)
real name: Jake Heft
location: Doylestown, PA
hobbies: Computers, video games, sports, books, writing, drawing comics, reading comics, web design.
what makes you happy: People giving me money for no reason. Morons.
what makes you angry: Speling erosrs in ZTZ gaems.
favorite games: Chrono Wars series, Chrono Trigger, Super Smash Bros., Goldeneye 007, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy Adventure, all the Megaman games.
favorite kinds of games to make: Mainly RPG, but I try to make all sorts of games.
previous companies: None
quote(s): "Scum? Yeah, respectable scum. Just like the rest of us."
how ZZTyrant can be reached:, Drowzee16 on Yahoo, Chaos Statue on AIM, Jake on MSN Messenger, tyrant / zztyrant on IRC.

Raichu0079 : (9/17/2000 -)
real name: Chris
location: Georgia (US)
hobbies: Anti-Sailor moon/Powerpuff girls, ZZT, LEGOs.
what makes you happy: See HOBBIES.
what makes you angry: SM/PPG. Period.
favorite games: Anything that falls into "Action Adventure."
favorite kinds of games to make: Anything that falls into "Action Adventure."
previous companies: dirrco
quote(s): "The only good sailor scout is a dead one."
how Raichu0079 can be reached:

Zeiram : (9/20/2000 -)
real name: Brian Vonck
location: Illinois
hobbies: Video games, exploring/adventuring, lazer tag, Pokemon cards.
what makes you happy: Most animals, money, "I love Lucy", finding strange and unusual things while exploring, and Jigglypuff.
what makes you angry: Annoying, insulting bully type people who love to drive me crazy, strawberrys, anyone who dares to insult Jigglypuff (I go into a berserk rage with that one), and singing frogs, and Mihoshi.
favorite games: Grandia, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, Metroid, Legend of Mana, all things Pokemon, all things Mario.
favorite kinds of games to make: Adventure, platform
previous companies: ZZTech
quote(s): "It's not the valleys in life I dread so much as the dips"; "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!!!"; "That was very disturbing"; "You go die now"; "DAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! YOU STUPID FROG!!!"
how Zeiram can be reached: E-mail me at, or, if you are a j-fan member, go to the bulletin board and leave a message for "Tangram" or "Sinistro", which are my two j-fan handles.

Wayward : (4/19/2000 - 9/3/2000)
Xibeck : (4/28/2000 - 9/3/2000)
TimeWaster : (5/16/2000 - 8/20/2000)
Redmage : (6/16/2000 - 9/3/2000)
WheresWaldo : (7/24/2000 - 9/3/2000)
Atrocity : (7/28/2000 - 9/3/2000)
ZZtbot : (8/13/2000 - 9/3/2000)
Mini-Maul : (1/15/2001 - 1/30/2001)
Apple McTom : (1/28/2001 - 3/4/2001)