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These are what the members of FotZ are working on.

ZZTyrant -
You Must Die! - You Must Die! was what got ZZTyrant into FotZ in the first place. While not much of a game as of yet, the demo has been praised by some other ZZTers. This game is planned to be a complex RPG, but is now still a small adventure game.
Final Fantasy ZZT - Yes, you heard right! ZZTyrant is making a Final Fantasy game for ZZT! Disgusted by the numerous attempts at creating Final Fantasy games, ZZTyrant decided to end the madness by finally reating a good one. So far, all that is finished is the title screen, but even this looks promising! This game, of course, will be an RPG. It will include an original plot, and a musical score entirely by the author! (With the exception of the famous Final Fantasy introduction music.)
World of ZZT - A remake of the original official ZZT games (by Epic MegaGames) rolled into one ZZT file, packed with new graphics, sound, music, programming, and even entire new boards and puzzles!

Raichu0079 -
Escape From Zyla Island Part II - Sequel to Raichu0079's Escape From Zyla Island.
Sailor Moon Destroyer Part II - Sequel to Raichu0079's Sailor Moon Destroyer.