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Survivor of the 1337357

Survivor of the 1337357

The idea of this game is to create a contest, much like the common 24hozzt contest, and to have a certain amount of participants make entries and send them to myself. Several judges and I will give scores to each of the games, but they will not be shown to the public right away. Instead, I will make a ZZT game (movie, actually) based on the common Survivor series, and have each ZZTer on the island, the loser getting kicked off. At the end of each episode, I will show the scores of each game. If somebody who signed up does not create an entry, they will get kicked off and be ridiculed horrendously. (More so than if he simply got the lowest score with a game he made.) There will be several contests until all but one ZZTer is wiped out. The final episode will show a congratulations party for that person.

To judge, email ZZTyrant at
To enter, email ZZTyrant at

I need a minimum of six people to enter, and I need at least two judges. (Three, really, but I am judging as well, so I need two others to volunteer.)

I am not accepting any more people.

All contests will be held on Saturdays and run till Sundays. The current contest will be held on 7:00 PM Saturday, January 27, and run till 7:00 PM Sunday, January, 28th.

The topic is: VIRUSES. The contest is over, and the game is in the making.

Current Participants:
Sean Stapleton
Flimsy Parkins

Current Judges:
Apple McTom